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The original post is here - Machinima Actors Wanted for Terminus Act 1: Rising


Last Year, I started writing the script for a Machinima Trilogy I call "Terminus". The first part called "Rising". I need people to help both Body Act and Voice Act. I'll be updating this constantly. In order to audition send me a note here (with a link to an audition) or send an Email to (with link for attached media file).

Body Acting Information

Body actors for the characters "Terminus", "General Marnish/Reed", "Eclipse/Elis", and "Moon" will need to have a copy of "Halo 3: ODST" and "Halo: Reach". Other characters (excluding AI Characters) will need "Halo: Reach" only. Even if you are not a voice actor, you will say your character's line to stay in character when body acting and to make it easier for voice actors. You also need all "Halo: Reach" Map Packs. Voice actors are also allowed to body act if they may wish. If you are a voice actor and do not have the game or a map pack, you are encouraged to find a body actor for your own character if you have the ability to design your character's look.

Voice Acting Information

Voice actors who do not have the game or a map pack, you are encouraged to find a body actor for your own character if you have the ability to design your character's look. Sample lines and deadlines are under "Character Information". If you audition for a character, send a link or a file to me via note or e-mail me at SKYPE IS REQUIRED!


After a firefight where all his squad mates died, "Terminus" (an ODST who thinks he lost his purpose), is brought to "General Marnish". "Terminus" is then assigned a task of becoming an unofficial Spartan and finding out what really happened the night of the firefight. Along with his squad mates "Moon" (an ODST who came out of a coma) and "Eclipse" (an ODST who was believed to be dead but revived by rouge Elites), they uncover the start of a plot that was untold for many years.

Character Information

Terminus - "So you’re saying that I went rouge? I don’t remember taking any leadership." - Open for Auditions

Terminus is the twin brother of Eclipse/Elis. He was a survivor of a firefight that happened long ago. He has dreams of his teammates dying. He gets very connected with his squad and often is serious during moments in terror. He doesn't give in easily and will risk his own life for anything.

Sample Lines - Male - Due 21/02/2015

1) "Fuck! Same dream again… Every night, I’ve been having a nightmare, the same one in fact… It’s not really a nightmare though… More like a memory of something that happened quite a while ago, when I was still an ODST…"
2) "As people say that our story is fake, that it is a legend, or it never happened. Only we will know that it did happen and it’s true. It didn't, however, end here."

Eclipse/Elis - "Remember that my name is Eclipse." - Closed for Auditions

Twin sister of Terminus. She supposedly died, but was revived by rouge Elites and lost her memory. Not much is known about her, other then her curiosity and seriousness.

Moon - "Glad to see that you’re okay." - Open for Auditions

Moon was the squad leader previous to the firefight event. He ended up in a coma during the event. He tries to keep calm when panicking and is very sarcastic. He also likes to fight. A lot.

Sample Lines - Male - Due 21/02/2015

1) "Let’s join this fight then."
2) "Then tell me… Why are you Elites helping me of all people? What about the other two?"

General Marnish/Reed - "You’re such a fool. By the time you realize who I truly am, you’ll be dead…" - Open for Auditions

Reed Marnish is the first antagonist our protagonists encounter. He was supposedly KIA during the firefight and wants revenge on his old squad mates. He is very serious and will kill anything in his path.

Sample Lines - Male - Due 28/02/2015

1) "No, I’ll be the one to kill my dear friend. However, please prepare me my weapons and put them in my room."
2) "That’s what you think. Our trackers have been picking up strange blood signatures that match hers. We confirmed it from her last test result."

Sanghious - "...we are grateful to have a strong human like you." - Open for Auditions

Sanghious is the leader of a rouge fleet of Elites. He and his assistant Tapun revived Eclipse. He is a very grateful Elite and doesn't take "no" for an answer.

Sample Line - Male - Due 07/03/2015

"One has lost their memory and it was hard to get to you. The other one, we don’t know about."

Tapun - "It’s been an honor, serving." - Open for Auditions

Sanghious' trusted assistant and friend. He/she is very honorable.

Sample Line - Male/Female Due 07/03/2015

"Mistress, the enemy knows about your acts. They are unsure if your alive or not and think your rouge."

Crescent - "Like that you idiot." - Open for Auditions

Terminus' AI. All that I can say is that he/she is smart and serious.

Sample Line - Female Due 14/03/2015

"It appears Reed is Marnish and he is after whatever it is, you Elites have here."

Victor - "Look who it is." - Open for Auditions

Eclipse's/Elis' AI. Later on he gets broken and then is repaired with special codes in him that can turn anything into a weapon. Doesn't talk much.

Sample Line - Male Due 14/03/2015

"The vent right beside you is open and is actually a lift."

ONI Officer's (Maximum needed 3) - Open for Auditions

Side characters who bring Terminus to General Marnish/Reed.

Sample Lines - Male/Female Due 21/03/2015

1) "Reports of your fellow squad members have been raising, even though, one of them is supposed to be dead."
2) "Since your squad leader is in a coma, the only person to lead could be you."

Scythe - "Sir, they have the codes." - Closed for Auditions

Scythe is a Mercenary who is more powerful then General Marnish/Reed. He starts to follow our protagonists nearing the end of part 1. He is very stealthy.

Private Claudius - "General, Elis is in the medical bay with several Elites." - Open for Auditions

Private Claudius doesn't talk much. He/She is actually from ONI. This isn't an important character until the very end.

Sample Line - Male/Female Due 21/03/2015

"Should we prepare units for him, sir?"

Unknown Character - "Make sure you tell Marnish that he’s fired." - Open for Auditions

This is a strange Character. No one knows who he or she is except Scythe and General Marnish/Reed. This character appears in a bonus scene and future parts.


"Retrieve them at all costs. Kill them if you have to."
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